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Over 90 years of experience

Søby Shipyard has existed over 90 years and was founded by Arthur Christian Jørgensen as an engine factory, on the 1st of October 1931. Arthur created the “Søby ship engine”, that became the trademark of Søby Shipyard. In 1967 the first dry dock was added to the shipyard, because of high demand from clients, and the other two dry docks were added throughout the years. Dock III is the largest and newest dock on Søby Shipyard, and was extended to 140 meters in length in 2018.The shipyard also engaged in new ship buildings on fishing boats, ferries and other types of vessels, later the shipyard worked on larger steel constructions, extensions and renewals on different Ships. Latest newbuilding was the E-ferry, Ellen.

The engine workshop where Søby Shipyard stared
Arthur inspecting a new 150 HP engine

The founder, Arthur Christian Jørgensen

The founder, Arthur Christian Jørgensen, was an important person for the development of Søby, as he made it his pride and purpose to develop the town throughout his life. If you find yourself in the area during the summer, you can experience a guided tour about Arthur and the work he did for Søby and the community.

Søby Shipyard Management

The board of Søby Shipyard consists of 5 members; of these, 3 members are appointed by the Søby Shipyard Foundation, and 2 members are employee-elected. The daily management is carried out by the shipyard's managing director, who reports to the shipyard's board.

Søby Shipyard Foundation

In connection with the shipyard's 50th anniversary on October 1, 1981, Arthur Jørgensen established a business foundation - Søby Shipyard Foundation (Gerda & Arthur Jørgensen Foundation) - which today is the sole owner of Søby Shipyard. The purpose of the foundation is, through its shareholding, to ensure the expansion and consolidation of Søby Shipyard's business activities for the benefit of the population on Ærø. The foundation is led and administered by the Chairman of the Foundation's Board, currently Lawyer Søren Dolmer Andersen, Focus Advokater in Odense.

Inquiries to the foundation can be made via the following email address:

Søby Shipyard seen from above

Søby Shipyard today

Today Søby Shipyard is a high-quality Shipyard which core business is servicing our customers with their Ship repairs and maintenance projects, which is done in our three Dry docks. The Shipyard has a large and high-quality engine workshop, where various engines, generators, pumps, compressors etc. are serviced and overhauled. All other departments at the Shipyard are manned by subcontractors, who always are available for the Shipyard, and always delivers the same high quality craftmanship.

The Shipyard has throughout the years build many new ships, and for today still involved in such new building projects. The Shipyard has always had a very innovative approach to building vessels, where the fully electrical ferry “Ellen” is a good example, as it was the first and biggest passenger ferry sailing with a solely electric propulsion system back when it was built in 2019.

Our history

The engine workshop where Søby Shipyard started


Søby Værft A/S was built as a engine workshop by Arthur Christian Jørgensen.

Arthur inspecting a new 150 HP engine


The first Søby Engine is developed and delivered.

Arthur and his colleagues back in 1948


The Shipping company "Arvi" is started by Arthur Christian Jørgensen.

The Port of Søby seen from above in 1953


Construction of a 40 meter long pier at the harbor in Søby.

The first steel vessel done in 1958


The steeltrawler "Christian smed" is extended and the building of steel ships officially has begun. 

First dry dock in 1967


The first Dry dock is added to the Shipyard. 

The second dry dock in 1976


The second Dry dock is inaugurated. 

New workshops are buildt in 1981


Administration and mechanical workshop is inaugurated on Dokvej 5.

A person welding where the light from the welding is seen


Expansion of the Shipyard to 3600 m2 and construction of a welding workshop. 

The third dry dock in 2006


The third and latest dry dock is built.

Port of Søby seen from above in 2009


Current administration, warehouse and productionhall is built.

A new built ferry


The hybrid ferry "Kanalen" is launched.

A dry dock with a vessel high and dry


Dock III is extended to 140 meters. 

The Ferry "Ellen" leaving the shipyard


The electric-driven ferry "Ellen" is delivered to Ærøfærgerne.