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New Ship building Baltic Sea


Shipbuilder services

Søby Shipyard is one of the few shipyards in Denmark, which features a whole unit for building new vessels. Søby Shipyard is widely renowned for our flawless and cost-effective on-time deliveries.

Søby Shipyard is an experienced shipbuilder and has the capacity and know-how to construct a broader range of vessel types. The three dry docks and their different sizes enables Søby Shipyard to build smaller vessels such as, but not limited to, Crew Transport Vessels (CTV), Fishing boats, pilot boats, tugs, Smaller Military vessel or Coasters. The largest dry dock can also be taken into use for building larger vessels up to 140 m in length, and easily facilitates a draught of up to 6 m. Such vessels could be tankers, ferries, larger navy vessels etc. We have no limitations towards the type of vessel.

Our experienced team of welders and fabricators construct all vessels to meet major classification standards. Any new built vessel sailing out of Søby Shipyard will come with complete certification. 

See pictures of some of the vessels below:

Fishing vessels - 19 built

Blue fishing vessel at sea
Black and white picture of a fishing vessel at sea
Red fishing vessel at sea
Green fishing vessel in port
Blue fishing vessel in dock
Red fishing vessel at sea

Dry Cargo vessels - 11 built

Black coaster at sea
Blue coaster at sea
Black coaster sailing near land
Black coaster at sea with sea spray
Blue coaster in calm sea
Black coaster in calm sea

Navy Ships - 30 built

Navy vessel MHV 801 in port
Navy vessel MHv 812 in port
Navy vessel MHV 904 at sea near land
Navy vessel MHV 909 spraying water
Navy vessel MHV 910 at sea
Navy vessel at sea
Navy vessel MHV 912 at sea

Ferries - 10 built

Blue ferry at sea
Black and white picture of a ferry alongside
Small ferry at sea
blue ferry in calm sea
White ferry near land
White ferry with flags
White ferry "Ellen" at sea
White ferry in port

Tankers, Tugs and Special vessels - 15 built and 14 Wooden ships

Black and white picture of a small tanker in port
Small tanker at sea
Red police vessel in port
Oil collecting barge