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Ship Repair

Logistic, Stock and Warehouse

Søby Shipyard

Logistic, Stock and Warehouse

In total, Søby Shipyard covers an area of approx. 45.000 m2. with a considerable in-house warehouse capacity.

The Shipyard Warehouse:

The warehouse is a 730 m2 heated warehouse containing 1.3 kilometers of shelves, and with room for 200 pallets. Besides that, there is an additional warehouse of 360 m2 with room for 250 pallets, this warehouse is not heated.

The last warehouse is used for storing paint and is 70 m2 large and has room for 80 pallets.

There are approximately 10.000 different parts in the warehouse and all parts are digitally logged, so the 3 full time warehouse assistants and the Purchase Manager always know exactly where and how many parts there are stored.

There are therefore plenty of space for spare parts at Søby Shipyard, and we will be more than happy to assist with storage of parts and equipment for our customers.


Warehouse shelves

The heated warehouse

Warehouse desk

Warehouse front desk

Supply Chain to Søby Shipyard:

The warehouse has a daily visit by 8-10 supply trucks with different parts, from early morning to late afternoon. Furthermore, there are a large supply chain of different couriers coming from the mainland to the Shipyard with day-to-day deliveries.

The supply chain is therefore fully equal to any other company located at the mainland, why no delays are expected due to lack of spare parts and equipment.

Warehouse pictures

The warehouse front deck seen from inside

> Front desk

Shelves in the heated warehouse

> Heated warehouse

Parts on shelves

> Stock shelves

Shelves with pallets

> Pallet stock

Stored steel plates

> Steel stock

paint store

> Paint warehouse

Parts on shelves in cold warehouse

> Cold warehouse