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Shipyard Agent

At Søby Shipyard we very much like the direct contact to our customers. All contacts are handled swift and directly no matter where they are coming from. We have however also made an agreement with ESMA, which is a local shipyard agent in the Netherlands. The purpose of this cooperation is to reach further out with our advertisements and enables our customers in the region to have a contact possibility to a native speaking representative of Søby Shipyard. The agent agreement between Søby Shipyard and ESMA is an advertisement agreement, and therefore not an additional expense to our customers.

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Our agent


ESMA Marine Agencies represents a portfolio of high-quality international shipyards all around the world. They are member of the International Association of Shiprepair Agents. All members of IASA are professional Ship Repair Agents, where the representation of Shipyards and Ship Repair Services forms their primary business.

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In the Netherlands

Location of ESMA


ESMA Marine Agencies B.V.

Kuiperbergweg 35

1101 AE Amsterdam

Phone: +31 203 121 350


Not mandatory when coming to SØBY SHIPYARD

Local handling agents

Søby Shipyard does not require that a local handling agent is booked, so this expense is not needed when using Søby Shipyard. Are there however a need for e.g. a crew change or similar, then we recommend that a local handling agent is booked, as the Shipyard does not have the resources to assist with such a task. There are two local handling agent on Ærø.

Contact informations can be found below.



H. C. Grube (Prop. Frank Pedersen)

Ærøskøbing Havn 5

5970 Ærøskøbing

Phone: +45 2147 2115



Hermann C. Boye & Co.

Kongensgade 1

5960 Marstal

Phone: +45 6253 1048