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Ship Building Denmark

Søby Shipyard

Ship building and Conversions

Søby Shipyard does not only offer ships repair and maintenance solutions, but the shipyard also has a large and long experience as shipbuilder. Discover our ship and vessel building services here.

Søby Shipyard started its shipbuilding business of new vessels back in 1949, where the first ship building contract was signed for the construction of a fishing vessel. In the years to come there has been build a large variety of vessels and vessel types. Søby Shipyard has today delivered more than 110 new ship buildings within areas such as fishing boats, ferries, tankers, general cargo ships and special purpose vessels.

In the beginning of the Shipyard’s shipbuilding history the new buildings were only wood constructed vessels. However, in 1958, Søby Shipyard extended a steel fishing vessel, which set in motion the beginning of many new steel ship buildings. Read more about the history of Søby Shipyard by clicking below button.

Furthermore, Søby Shipyard also has a large experience of all sizes of conversion and retrofit projects. Read more about all project possibilities on the next pages

Building a ferry

A ferry is being built

Conversion of a cargo hold

Conversion of a cargo hold

Insulation work in accommodation

An accommodation is being built