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Ship Repair

Ship Surface Treatment

Søby Shipyard

Ship Surface Treatment

All vessel which needs freshwater cleaning are cleaned with environmental fresh water high pressure, all flushing water is filtered into its own internal filter system before being discharged to a public sewage purification.

In surface treatment we offer:

  • FWHP up to 2500 bar (both handheld and with a “Dock Boy”).
  • Grit blasting.
  • All kind of painting systems including silicone paint.
  • We also carry out coating of cargo tanks.


The Paint department at Søby Shipyard ensures a high standard of surface treatment on every project. 
All types of paints and equipment are used and applied in close cooperation with the customer and the paint supplier.

Spray painting a vessel red
A newly painted vessel in black and red colors
High pressure cleaning of ship hull
A person grit blasting a ship hull
Before and after grit blasting a ship hull
High pressure cleaning of ship hull
A robot doing high pressure cleaning
A ship undergoing a repainting of the hull to a light blue color
Hand scraping a ship hull
"Dock Boy" robot doing hull cleaning
Bottom and propeller of a newly painted vessel

Surface treatment at

Søby Shipyard

UHP with Dock Boy

Before and after Surface Treatment