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Ship Repair services in the Baltic Sea

Søby Shipyard

Ship Maintenance and Repair

After several decades of servicing all kinds of sea-going vessels, Søby Shipyard brings a rich tradition of excellence and efficiency to every ship that is repaired.

Søby Shipyard is a professional and highly qualified supplier in the field of shipbuilding as well as the Ship repair and maintenance of all vessel types. We solve all tasks to the highest standards and operate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 guidelines.

Efficient project management

At Søby Shipyard, we commit ourselves to producing the utmost result on every single enterprise. All projects are managed by the same project manager from start to finish, allowing for unexpected turns and changes. But always within budget.

Timing and scheduling as well as tight control and coordination are the paramount principles of every single project. Efficient project management saves valuable time, which ultimately enables us to deliver products at highly competitive rates.

At Søby Shipyard we allow for owner’s own subcontractors to do their tasks while a vessel is at our Shipyard. Søby Shipyard want to meet our customers wishes and we are very flexible in how a task is solved. In the past we have as an example done a whole engine overhaul with our own workforce, we have provided workforce for a Maker’s superintendent or we have allowed owner’s flying squads to do an overhaul.

The most important thing is that our customers get the best possible results, so they wish to return to Søby Shipyard once the vessel is completed.

Ship repair services

At Søby Shipyard we offer the whole package when it comes to any type of Ship repairs. We can do small repairs either in our own workshop, we can travel to the location of our customer and do on site repairs and we do full scale repairs and conversions. A full scale repair include overhaul projects of engine and equipment, steel work including conversions, surface treatment and much more.

Søby Shipyard is organized in Workshops where each Workshop has its own area of expertise. Some of our workshops are handled by subcontractors and some are our own workforce. Common for all departments is that our own highly experienced Project Managers and Foremen ensures that the highest standard is kept within deadline to highly competitive rates.


Your vessel, our priority!

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