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Ship Repair

Ship Electric Workshop

Søby Shipyard

Ship Electric Workshop


Søby Shipyard has a close co-operation with Søby Skibselektro A/S. Søby Skibselektro A/S is located on the same premises as Søby Shipyard, and they carry out all types of electrical installations. They also handle sale and service of nautical equipment.

A man and a cable drum
Man doing electrical work inside a switchboard

Services from Søby Skibelektro A/S include:

  • Certified radio survey
  • Installation and repair of switchboards
  • Electrical installations in exiting vessels and newbuildings
  • Installation and repair of el-motors and generators
  • Installation and repair of all kinds of navigation and communication equipment (autopilot, ECDIS, GMDSS, GPS, radar, AIS)

Further information regarding Søby Skibselectro A/S, go to: